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When discerning artists, composers and producers need drums or percussion on their projects, they need a musician with flexibility, a pocket, a killer sound and reasonable rates.  Mark has been hired for hundreds of record, jingle and film sessions since the late 1970’s.

As technology changed the business, Mark adapted and now records drum and percussion tracks for various clients at his own Coolidge Hill Studio, tucked away in Natick, Massachusetts.

Here’s how it works: You send Mark your track, in the form of an mp3 or .wav file with a tempo and/or click.  Mark will record drums and overdub whatever percussion instruments would be appropriate for the song, using a ProTools DAW.

He will then send you an mp3 mix of the drums and percussion for you to preview.  After any revisions, he’ll send the final performance as an mp3 for final review.

After payment is received through PayPal, he will send you the mix as a .wav (with effects), as well as the raw .wav files of each drum and percussion channel. Whether you use ProTools, Logic, Reason, or any other software, these audio files can easily be imported into your DAW.

To book Mark for a session, email Mark at


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