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Patricia Barber – Split (1989) Floyd

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Paquito D’Rivera with Arturo Sandoval – Reunion (1991) Messidor (Reissued by TIMBA in 2010)

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Paul McCandless – Premonition (1992) Windham Hill (with Lyle Mays)

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Linda Eder – And So Much More (1994) Angel Records

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Linda Eder – It’s Time (1997) Atlantic

Patricia Barber – Modern Cool (1998) Premonition (Reissued by Blue Note in 2004)

Michael Philip Mossman Sextet – Mama Soho (1998) TCB

William Cepeda – My Roots and Beyond (1998) Blue Jackel

Ana Belen – Lorquiana (1998) Ariola/BMG

Paquito D’Rivera – 100 Years of Latin Love Songs (1998) Heads Up International

Paquito D’Rivera – Tropicana Nights (1999) Chesky Records <The 1st Annual Latin Grammy (2000) Winner(Best Jazz Album)

Andy Narell – Fire in the Engine Room (2000) Heads Up International

Oregon – Oregon in Moscow (2000) Intuition <The 43rd Annual Grammy (2001) Nominees(Best Engineered Album, Non-Classical; Best Instrumental Composition for Paul McCandless’ Round Robin and Ralph Towner’s The Templars; Best Instrumental Arranging for Paul McCandless’ Round Robin)> (with Ralph Towner, Paul McCandless, Glen Moore and the Tchaikovsky Orchestra of Moscow)

Paquito D’Rivera Quintet – Live at the Blue Note (2000) Halfnote Records <The 2nd Annual Latin Grammy (2001) Winner (Best Latin Jazz Album)> (with Diego Urcola, Dario Eskenazi, Oscar Stagnaro and Pernell Saturnino)

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Oregon – Live at Yoshi’s (2001) Intuition (with Ralph Towner, Paul McCandless and Glen Moore)

Rudy Calzado & Cubarama – Tribute to Mario Bauza (2001) Timba

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Romero Lubambo – Rio de Janeiro Underground (2002) Aosis (with Cesar Camargo Mariano)

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Dave Liebman, Don Braden, Dan Moretti – Latin Genesis (2002) Whaling City Sound

Jim Ridl – Door in a Field (2003) Dreambox Media

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Paquito D’Rivera Quintet? – Funk Tango (2007) Sunnyside Records <The 50th Annual Grammy (2008) Winner (Best Latin Jazz Album); The 8th Annual Latin Grammy (2007) Nominee (Best Latin Jazz Album)>

Oregon – 1000 Kilometers (2007) Cam Jazz <The 50th Annual Grammy (2008) Nominee (Best Instrumental Composition for Mark Walker’s Deep Six)> (with Ralph Towner, Paul McCandless and Glen Moore)

Jim Trompeter – Wakefulness (2008) CDBY

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Oregon – In Stride (2010) Cam Jazz (with Ralph Towner, Paul McCandless and Glen Moore)

The New World Jazz Composers Octet – Breaking News (2011) CD Baby

Arturo Sandoval & WDR Big Band – Mambo Nights (2011) Connector (with Michael Philip Mossman)

Oregon – Family Tree (2012) Cam Jazz (with Ralph Towner, Paul McCandless and Glen Moore)

Grace Kelly – Live at Scullers (2013) Pazz Productions (with Jason Palmer and Pete McCann)

Kris Adams – Longing (2013) Jazzbird

Mizuho – Romantic Gershwin (2014) Pony Canyon (with Tiger Okoshi, Gary Burton, Tim Miller and Alain Caron)

Bo Ram Park – Hear the Beauty, Vol. 1 (2014) CD Baby

John Finbury – The Green Flash (2014) Green Flash Music

Daryl Lowery Quartet – Unity of One (2014) DML/Jazz

Greg Abate Quartet – Motif (2014) Whaling City Sound (with Tim Ray and John Lockwood)

Paquito D’Rivera – Jazz Meets the Classics (2014) Sunnyside <The 16th Annual Latin Grammy (2015) Winner (Best Latin Jazz Album)>

Akio Sasajima – Images of Lennon / McCartney (2015) Tonegold Records (with Harvie Swartz and Peter Saxe)

Lyle Mays Quartet – The Ludwigsburg Concert (2015) SWR Jazzhaus (Recorded in 1993 at a Live performance in Germany) (with Marc Johnson and Bob Sheppard)

John Finbury – Imaginário (2015) Green Flash Music

Greg Abate and Phil Woods with the Tim Ray Trio – Kindred Spirits Live at Chan’s (2016) Whaling City Sound

Monika Hoffman – Let’s Run Away (2016) Sentimental Wavs (with Oscar Stagnaro and Paquito D’Rivera)

Tim Ray Trio – Windows (2016) Whaling City Sound

Steve Khan – Backlog (2016) ESC Records (with Mike Mainieri, Randy Brecker, Bob Mintzer, Rob Mounsey, Ruben Rodriguez, Marc Quiñones and Bobby Allende)

Daryl Lowery Quartet – For Those Who Wait (2016) DML/Jazz

Josh Rosen – Sparks (2016) Zigglezaggle Music (with Stan Strickland)

Daniela Schächter – Vanheusenism: A Tribute to Jimmy Van Heusen (2016) CD Baby

Jim Ridl – Door in a Field, Volume 2: Songs of the Green River (2016) CD Baby (with Steve Nelson, Joe Locke, Daryl Hall, Gabriella Anders and Wayne Krantz)

Greg Abate with  the Tim Ray Trio – Road to Forever (2017) Whaling City Sound

John Finbury – Pitanga (2017) Green Flash Music

Jihye Lee Orchestra – April (2017) CD Baby (with Alain Mallet and Sean Jones)

Oregon – Lantern (2017) Cam Jazz (with Ralph Towner, Paul McCandless and Paolino Dalla Porta)

Chardeau – Sanguines (2017) L. Records (with Brian Auger and Jerry Goodman)